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The food is fresh and flavorful – I still long for the olives.

We didn’t hold hands in public, but as a couple we never felt unsafe.

We were astounded by our luck but frustrated about the lack of information on traveling while lady-gay in any of these places.

In addition to sharing our crazy summer with y’all, I’m hoping my Autostraddle write-ups can point our fellow girl-on-girls in the right direction.

In Istanbul, we listened to the call to prayer from thousand-year-old mosques while sipping cocktails in rooftop bars.

We tromped up hundreds of stairs and down winding streets, which was a good thing because we ate like champs.

“So, with a ten-spot, that gets us four pints, a super-ridiculous bowl of fries and two bucks left over for a tip, a condom or a subway ride for me to flee.” Jeff admits to having no shame and says he’s been using this date idea successfully since 2003. Add a predominantly Muslim population to the mix, and you’re all set to experience a variety of cultural differences.So, to make most of your stay — and to prevent being rude or a fool — familiarize yourself with these common Turkish customs and etiquette rules that apply in Istanbul.the state in which one’s dating life is no longer new or exciting and continues in its existing state of extreme banality, unless that state is changed by an external force.In this case, my external force has a name; three names, actually: Amy, Janis and Lisa—all professional matchmakers.

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