Updating raised ranch exterior

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The Raised Ranch is a domestic vernacular that was popular in American suburbia in the 1970s.With its entrance on the ground floor and the main living area a full flight of stairs up, this reconfiguration of the Ranch was used when subterranean construction was impossible or impractical, according to Split "Immediately, I pulled out a pen to jot notes on a wrinkled paper napkin."Nine months later, the fully renovated bungalow with its roomy addition off the back, brand-new carriage-house–style garage, garden pavilion, and lattice-enclosed courtyard proved a glowing success.To accentuate the bungalow's clean lines, a new porch railing was added, and the old roof was replaced with faux slate.

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Deliberately rigid "jardin style" plantings lend structure and cheerful opulence to the outside.

Because of the ground level foundation and era in architecture when they were built, Raised Ranch exteriors often lack a connection with their surroundings and a modern appearance.

Update a Raised Ranch's exterior by following these basic guidelines and implementing some simple techniques.

I’d tell people where I worked with a smirk, quick to add that I didn’t actually But here I am now, and I’m damned if I’m going to be all hangdog and sheepish about where we live–or spend the years we’ll be here wishing I were somewhere else.

We may be five minutes from chain restaurants, discount retailers, and a warehouse grocery store (by car, of course), but we’re determined to make this our version of the American Dream. We think the suburban split-level may be a house whose time is coming, and we want to tell you why–so you can get in while the gettins’ good.

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