Dating a girl six years older

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It was so bad that one time I just took off for two weeks and visited three cities, got blackout drunk and woke up in a hotel in a fourth city, San Francisco, in a room overlooking the bay, with no memory of having bought a plane ticket or booked a room there.Then there was an approximately two-month stretch where I’d leave my kids with friends or family members, get drunk in bars and wander around Brooklyn trying to provoke fistfights with strangers—a suicide wish, to be sure, or maybe just a wish to at least be convicted of assault and go to jail and be taken out of my family’s ongoing story, a drama in which I felt like a miscast actor who couldn’t remember his lines anyway, so what was the point of even being onstage? I had two newspaper jobs when Jen died, one full time and the other contract freelance. It’s a series of events that happens to you, and if you’re lucky, that sometimes you make happen.Things were especially blurry in the years right after Jen died.I was basically a drunk and a pothead for the first two years, but I was so careful about hiding it that only a few people knew how bad it was. Wiens has a Ph D in Physics, with a minor in Geology.His Ph D thesis was on isotope ratios in meteorites, including surface exposure dating.

I never know what to tell them except that it was all a slow-motion blur, one situation bleeding into another.

After realizing after my first trimester that I was pregnant, I started feeling strange towards my baby father, it was so often that it felt like I didn't want him anymore and then after a couple of weeks, I found myself falling for this other guy, I tried so hard to resist it but the guy was not helping either.

he was giving me all sorts of attention and warmth, something I thought I never received from my partner at the time anymore, then I went to the father of my baby and told him I need us to take a break, that i couldn't carry on anymore and I felt more pressure, i told him that everything was too much for me and I need to just take time to myself and think things through, and he understood me but was not keen to let me go but I insisted and told him I will come back to him immediately everything settled in and I got used to the idea of being pregnant.

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