Dating a mehlin and sons piano

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We have seen several Mehlin pianos come through our restoration shop, and they are consistently superior in quality and tone.Mehlin was one of the few American piano manufacturers to survive the Great Depression, and they continued to build quality pianos until about 1960.In treating of the evolution of the piano-forte a little attention must be claimed for the precursors of the instrument. In a piece of antique sculpture—an Assyrian bas-relief—in the British Museum, a dulcimer may be seen illustrating the principle of sound production in strings by percussion.The harp, one of the most ancient, may be traced back in Egyptian history to an indefinable period before Christ. The lyre, a relative form of harp, was also much used in Assyria and Egypt. Another bas-relief represents a procession of triumph after the victory of Sardanapalus over the Susians, where the dulcimer is used.

Lennox, lots of Occupied Japan, we have 22k and 12k and 10k gold… Mehlin emigrated from Germany to New York where he established the Paul G. In 1889, Mehlin took his sons into partnership and established the firm changed to Paul G. Mehlin pianos were built as high grade, expensive pianos and were sold along side some of the most prominent piano makers in history.The Mehlin Company may have been most well known for their 'Inverted Grand' piano line.We have all the ingredients, but sadly, our humble building is barely big enough to store our unique and growing collection, let alone display it, so the pianos are crammed in together, and the archives are functional but not on display.At one time, the only way into the room was to climb on a stool, then up onto a piano, crawl along it, then along another one, and down onto a stool!

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