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I need to use information from v Bulletin database using external script. I found it in database but is in database encoded as 1338661020. (22 caliber bolt action & semi-autos were not serial numbered prior to 1969) Firearm serial numbers were date coded by a prefix within the s/n, as signified below.A hacker has stolen tens of millions of accounts from over a thousand popular forums, which host popular car, tech, and sports communities.The stolen database contains close to 45 million records from 1,100 websites and forums hosted by Vertical Scope, a Toronto-based media company with dozens of major properties, including forums and sites run by Auto Guide.com, Pet Guide.com, and Top The company didn't outright confirm the breach, but said it was investigating."We are aware of the possible issue and our internal security team has been investigating and will be collecting information to provide to the appropriate law enforcement agencies," said Jerry Orban, vice-president of corporate development, in an email.The group said in its blog post that it was "likely that Vertical Scope stored all of their data on interconnected or even the same servers as there is no other way to explain a theft on such a large scale."Despite a push in recent years for stronger encryption and fixing security flaws, the forums thought to be affected by the breach fell far behind industry security norms.A cursory search of the list of domains caught up in the hack revealed that none of the sites we checked offered basic HTTPS website encryption, which would prevent usernames and passwords from being intercepted.

I recently aquired a 1958 model, It is my first gun and I don't know what kind of ammunition I should buy for it. thanks all Something I didn't know until just the other day - if your M39 (not A) has a star stamped on the end of the upper tang, it means the factory gunsmithing inspector determined the rifle to be of higher grade manufacturing than the standard Well, sort of.

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There seem to be an endless number of choices for .22 ammo and I haven't a clue which brand or type I should get. In any rifle design, the parts are each spec'd to specified dimesions, or - accepted tolerances.

The star originally meant that a particular rifle was spot-on to the standard specs -- not that it was better assembled or hand-fitted in any special way, just that the parts that came out of the bins for that rifle happened to mate up perfectly to the standard.

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