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and is correlated with Huckleberry Ridge Tuff of Yellowstone National Park, WY in the Yellowstone province. Lava Creek B ash bed (previously called Pearlette type B ash) is the informal designation for ash that is the downwind equivalent of member B of Lava Creek Tuff. The tephra is a gray-white vitric ash of bubble walls and bubble-wall junction shards as much as 350 mm in diameter.

Age is Pleistocene, based on K-Ar age (sanidine) of 0.62 Ma for members A and B of Lava Creek Tuff (J. Obradovich, written commun., 1979; calculated using current decay constants of Steiger and Jager, 1977); Plio-Pliocene boundary placed at 1.8 Ma. E., 1990, Occurrence of Lava Creek B tephra layer in the northwestern Espanola basin, New Mexico: New Mexico Geology, v. This tephra came from an eruption 620,000 yrs ago at Yellowstone, WY. Ash is identified along a 25 km stretch of the Rio Chama about 100 m above the river.

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Type area designated in upper canyon of Lava Creek and its tributary, Arrow Canyon. Principal reference section for upper member is east wall, Sheepeater Canyon, Gardner River, 1 km northeast of Osprey Falls where member is 140 m thick, consisting of air-fall pumice, ash, phenocryst-rich glassy welded tuff, nonwelded and gray tuff, and black vitrophyre.

Named as upper ash-flow sheet of Yellowstone Group (raised in stratigraphic rank from formation) for Lava Creek, which enters the Gardner River about 3 km southeast of Mammoth, Yellowstone National Park, WY in Yellowstone province. Occurs in Yellowstone Park, south to Jackson Lake, west to Island Park area and southern Centennial Mountains, and west along margin of Snake River Plain, ID. Principal reference section of lower member is south-facing cliff of Purple Mountain above an old gravel pit about 1 km east of Madison Junction where member has a basal 300 m thick, less densely welded, and an upper 180 m thick, densely welded tuff.

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Recent petrographic and chemical studies of ash samples called Pearlette have shown that there are at least three different ash beds on the Great Plains and Rocky Mountain area of closely related petrographic and properties that are related to the Yellowstone Tuff.

R., Jr., 1972, Volcanic stratigraphy of the Quaternary rhyolite plateau in Yellowstone National Park, IN Geology of Yellowstone National Park: U. Yellowstone caldera formed by collapse of magma-chamber roof that resulted from eruption of Lava Creek. Is part of the third volcanic cycle (of three) of Quaternary Yellowstone Plateau. Pearlette was formerly thought to represent one ash-fall over a wide area.

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