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(A 1902 Los Angeles article boasted the headline "They Thirst for Cocaine" alongside a photo of soda fountain customers.) At some point in the late 19th century, ice cream was scooped into the soda drinks, but no one seems to know, or can agree on, when, according to Amy Ettinger, author of the upcoming book that traces the history of ice cream called urged readers to "Eat a Dish of Ice Cream Every Day" by arguing that "one quart contains the same amount of protein as half a dozen eggs or two pounds of beefsteak."Amid the crackdown on drugs and alcohol in the early part of the 20th century, temperance-movement activists began pushing the idea of going out to have ice cream sundaes and milkshakes instead drinking at saloons.While soda fountains were able to get away with serving whiskey for medicinal purposes, the temperance activists helped foster the wholesome image of eating ice cream — an image that has endured, even as a new breed of headline-worthy flavors might sometimes disappoint the treat's original boosters.It is NOT a dupe for Addict but close enough that I am putting off buying a bottle. I'm very interested to see if I will be able to tell a difference.The jasmine is there and noticeable but it is so well-blended. Will add a second review if there is any difference worth noting.It’s my “go to” recipe when I know I have some picky eaters coming my way! If you are feeling all fancy make sure you slice up some strawberries that people can top it with because that makes it even better!My great brother-in-law decided that when we were camping one time and This recipe comes from when I was in about 5th grade and in 4-H.

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But one of the most significant and most surprising flavors in the history of ice cream can be traced back to a shift in the way the treat has been marketed — from a health food to junk food that should only be eaten on special occasions like Free Cone Day.

There is nothing discordant about this fragrance, no jarring notes. * These are my personal experiences/thoughts with this fragrance. * --- My notes pertain to the EDP version --- Initial - vanilla coconut Drydown - jasmine vanilla amber lily of the valley cedar musk Duration - 6-7 hours Projection - moderate Experiences - On my skin, jasmine is the star note of this fragrance, not vanilla.

Something in this scent tickles my nose in a on-the-verge-of-a-sneeze kind of way.

Also bear in mind Casmir was released 1 year before Vanilla Fields so obviously Coty got inspired by Chopard.

It lacks the cinnamon and benzoin that I so love in Casmir and smells much cheaper.

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